Haunted House Fundraiser

Last year, we had an unseasonal snowstorm Saturday Oct. 29. Our Halloween extravaganza had to be postponed for the next day…..luckily we were one of the few not to loose power, and somehow the maple tree that split and blocked our driveway was chipped away minutes before the party. It was a messy Halloween day, cancelled in some neighborhoods…we managed to go around the block careful not to trip over branches. But for our Halloween obsessed family, it was disappointing.

I believe the day after as we put our skeletons, spider webs and tombstones back in bins, Sergi started planning for this year’s “Haunted House”. Numerous drawings and layouts were presented to me in the ensuing months. He started recruiting the zombies in early July (summer camp).We found his mask on ebay….limited edition…in September. Then one night he mentioned he wanted to collect 50¢ as an admission fee because he wanted to donate the money to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society….one of his classmate was diagnosed with the disease a few years ago. Amazing!

We pulled it off!

And the best part…we were able to celebrate before Sandy…..even though we were forced to pack up the graveyard, the fortunetellers tent and the dancing skeletons……the Haunted House remained intact until Halloween day…tucked safely in the garage


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