Day 3: Very Merry Holiday Hop

This is day 3 of the Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday blog hop. I’m so happy to be a part of this group of talented individuals, with diverse styles, backgrounds and personalities. I am sharing this day with fellow illustrator Shelly Comiskey. We are the two non-quilting textile designers who are participating. So we may have something a little different to offer. Let me start with a little about Me, my Favorites, my Family Traditions.

I love baking…..I was eight the first time i made a box cake all by myself. The cake came out perfect. However using the left over batter as frosting was not a good idea…… least not then…..the concept of cookie dough ice cream and chocolate cake batter coffee  was yet to be discovered.

But that little “fiasco” did not stop my kitchen creativity. And like Julie going through every recipe in Julia’s Bible….I made every single cake, cookie, dessert, candy or pie in  Mom’s Betty Crocker’s hard cover orange volume. And the variations!

So by the time I was in High School, I was running my own little baking business. I created a very special cake that took fruitcake off our family Christmas menu forever and  became my best seller. The family (and I have a big one…my dad had 20 siblings and mom 6) called it Wilma’s Christmas Cake. But last year I renamed it Forest Spice Cake for this illustration of the recipe.

The Holidays, as a child and now as an adult with my children, have always revolved around baking and food. Baking, decorating, packaging and then sharing with friends, family and clients.

My son Sergi makes Gingerbread people for his teachers and classmates every year. He has become quite the expert with the icing!

And just as important as the delicious treat is the presentation. I collect platters, plates, jars, old tins from tag sales, discount stores…anything to make the packaging part of the gift.

My Husband who enjoys photography helps create the family Holiday card. It’s a very fun and creative time of year, and I always feel like if there was more time or I had more hands,  I could do one more of the million ideas in my head.

The #1 favorite: Cookie Cutters. I have all shapes, sizes, metal, plastic, seasonal, everyday…..great for everything!

Forest Spice Cake Gift Box:

I designed a gift box perfect for packing Forest Spice Cupcakes. Another idea would be a mixture of the dry ingredients and the “just add” card with the things that are not in the box.

Download the PDF files below and print out the images on medium to heavy paper 11 x 17. Align the printouts and stick them together before you score, fold and trim.

Forest Spice Cake Box PDF
Have fun and keep hopping through the week. Check my previous post with the schedule and links to the different designers. And remember to visit the Henry Glass Blog  everyday for your chance to win the grand Holiday Prize!

34 responses

  1. Gosh I sure wish I lived close to you! I bet they can smell your house from down the street by the wonderful smell at Holiday time!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  2. Your cake sounds delicious! I was just wondering what size cake pan you use. Also, do you think we could substitute caramel topping for the rum? Thanks for your recipe!

    • Hi Kathy,
      I usually use a standard bundt pan….i think about 10.5 inches in diameter. If you mean the caramel to replace the rum syrup, I would make sure it’s light enough to soak into the cake. If you mean the rum glaze, caramel topping is fine. I usually drizzle the glaze randomly…more as a decoration rather than frosting the complete cake. Thanks for the visit and have fun baking.

  3. The cake looks really yummy. Thank you. You sound like me because I’ve always love baking myself. I used to be in the kitchen all the time and miss being able to do the baking I used to each holiday. The box is really cute with the recipe on there. I’ve saved it but don’t have the capabiity of printing any right now sadly as it’s too large. But thank you anyway because I may be able to at some point. It would be awesome to use during the holidays to give cookies and things in.

    • Hi Vicki,
      You can try printing on 8.5 x 11, you’ll just have a smaller box. When you open up the pdf, go to page set up and select 8.5 x 11…there should be a scaling box underneath that says 100%….change that to 69%. When you go back to print the pdf…make sure the shrink to page option is off….it should be “none”. Good luck!

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