Sergiman vs Life

My son Sergi was born on Valentine’s day. He came two weeks ahead of time even though he was a scheduled cesarean. A true love child, an angel baby, round, cheeky, perfect. With a heart shaped birthmark on his left thigh….a postmark from the heavens……..

Being my first, I could see no wrong…or right for that matter. All I saw was a child who was slowly developing into a little character. To me milestones would be met in their own time. And even though he was two and could not put any words together, he could recognize the alphabet.

It became my battle with the world… see that this child…..even though all characteristics were pointing in one direction….was more.

After receiving every therapy listed in the book and being evaluated by numerous strangers and given an assortment of age appropriate tests, he exploded with an amazing vocabulary at three and a half.

Being an illustrator, working from home made everything that followed a little easier….however it has been an exhausting journey for all of us…especially Sergi.

Next year he will be going to middle school. And as he’s matured, he has become fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He has also learned to cope with his limitations, unconsciously compensating with his own strategies.

Over the years we discovered that his issues were due to the delay in his motor planning. We just recently found out the term for this is Dyspraxia. Sergi’s being of Language and gross motor. I never thought that finding a label to his struggles would give us all such a sense of relief, even though the treatments are vague and not much different than what we have been doing.

This discovery has given Sergi a new meaning and understanding of his  own learning abilities. “I learn differently.”, he now says.

Having this information has only confirmed what I’ve always known…..he’s my perfect.

fishman vs robofish

Sergi is an amazing draftsman with a passion for comics. He found  that drawing his answers was much easier  than writing a sentence. At first he was getting in trouble at school and sometimes at home. Until we realized it was his way of expression. We have now started to sketch little story boards to help him plan a paragraph, rather than writing notes. The challenge is to shorten his drawing time to give him more time for the written work. We are also building a visual dictionary/thesaurus to enrich his vocabulary so to improve his word retrieval.

His next project is to start a blog with his comics….25¢ per download 😉

7 responses

  1. RoboFish is brilliant! This is the exact kind of thing I used to draw when I was Sergi’s age, but no where near as creative. The fish’s circular saw teeth are awesome. Too much fun!

  2. Tell Sergi that his creativity is stellar! I couldn’t create such an extravagant scenario in a million years! Such amazing attention to detail! Go Robofish and GO Sergi!!!

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